Know-how that make us a leader in the packaging custom made, studying prototypes and creating solutions that meet all customer requirements.


Guaranteed by a team of highly qualified and trained in the field of packaging, able to give assistance for any problem.


Which allowed us to gain a competitive position thanks to the best balance between technical needs and packaging costs, ensuring high quality and control of the item.


And constant research of new materials applicable in the field of industrial packaging.


Of companies synergistically integrated to offer a wide range of solutions and respond to any need.


Constant of final product quality and of technical and structural aspects in terms of safety and reduction of packaging costs.

service to measure

Thank to an accurate packaging design that takes into considerate not only the object that we needs to packed but all parameters, such as, transport, handling andenvironmental factors that may affect the proper functioning of the packaging.


Witnessed by a large number of satisfied customers.

ISO Scart BP



The company certifications over the years have covered an increasingly important role in inside the production companies of today. The development business is based on the constant research for an ever greater quality of organization and realization. Scart The packaging Ltd. has been authorized to use the trademark FITOK. FITOK is recognized for those using treated wood , ht wood, according to international ISPM-15 FAO. Our company is' able to perform independently the treatment of wood thanks to the construction of a plant for drying of wood.

The brand FITOK is necessary to export the wood around the world, this is because by drying the wood, removed a parasite carried in the virgin forests eroding the lymphatic tissue of the trees, causing them to dry.
We participate actively to the environmental protection.

ISO Scart BP