The company structure

At Vodipack, we know how important it is to respond to the needs of our customers in the field of industrial packaging, which increasingly provides specific and customized solutions. For this reason, over the years we have specialized in offering iinnovative and cutting-edge solutions.

Vodipack packaging is able to meet the most demanding requirements, based on simple rules: choice of innovative solutions, timeliness in deliveries, flexibility and professionalism. We analyze all the problems related to quality: comfort during storage, easy handling, easy unpacking, security for those who work, and possible reuse. Our factory consists of two major production areas: a large department dedicated to the cardboard with modern processing equipment. Another department dedicated to the production of wooden containers, large and bright, with diversified spaces and machinery.

Large warehouses ensure timely management of orders and availability of materials.

In recent years Vodipack has become part of the SCART GROUP, group leader in industrial packaging, that from Casentino has expanded and today with its 32.000 m2 indoor plants placed over 180.000 m2, can rely on over 120 employees ready to meet the clients’ needs.

The focus in accepting the demands dictated by the market has found its main expression in the ability to search the best balance between technical requirements and the impact of the cost of packaging, the guarantee of high quality and certified check in the articles.

This, today, is realized into being thanks to the constant interchange between our group companies and the best domestic and foreign suppliers.